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These Words Projects SA is very honored to be received extremely well by Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania. Through our latest initiative Africa Business Transformation Network, we have created a radical network of entrepreneurs and brand ambassadors creating access to information and resources to formulate lucrative Small, Medium and Macro Enterprises that will participate greatly in the developing the GDP of our respective countries.

We are creating jobs through our commission structured paid brand ambassadors, to date we have created over 10 temporarily jobs and over 50 commission structured paid jobs. Our goal is to give young people access to greater markets and create inter trading amongst the youth from all African countries. This is mainly done with constant motivation, daily capacitation and support to all our involved youth.

Our Creative Director: A highly esteemed community leader and entrepreneur whose contagious energy, advanced communication, boardroom savvy, street cred, creative brilliance and passion for the development of his fellow beings sets him apart as a refined connector of people. His key distinguished qualities include: being an avid reader and a nation builder whose affiliations include Library Association of South Africa, former Peer Resource Network (British Columbia and Canada) and a writer whose written published works include articles featured in various print media channels and social media platforms. His above average keen interest and understanding of Hebrew heritage, Ergonomics, Philosophy and Anthropology are amongst the guiding principles that form the cornerstone of his leadership approach. An activist at heart: with a proven ability to mobilize teams, manage projects, develop winning proposals, and quite at home on the podium during keynote addresses or Master of Ceremonies roles, and a familiar voice on life coach platforms dispensing valuable advise at the intersection of life, careers and business. He has added intrinsic value to various social entrepreneurship initiatives, such as the first for Kwa Zulu Natal Province the Annual Dress Durban Walk 2014 , and Thembi Swings campaign of Thembi School of Excellence, a Mandela Day township aligned golf movement in the INK Basin of Kwa  Zulu Natal , Inanda, Ntuzuma and Kwa Mashu Township which enabled police(SAPS), educators, politicians, taxi drivers, cleaners, car wash attendants, unemployed community members and many from different walks of life to play and appreciate golf; the sport which many proclaims a rich sport.

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  1. Ramesh Mahabeer
    Aug 18, 2016 @ 04:18:41

    I am currently employed as an energy consultant in the electrical industry.
    I would like to purchase the company that I work for which has huge growth potential.
    How can you help me setup a business plan/strategy?

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